From Students and Alum: 


" Little Red Wagon is the only school that let me think for myself. After Little Red Wagon teachers have told me what I need to know."

~ Mark - LRW alum - comment made at the age of 13

" I wish there were 100 years of Little Red Wagon so I would never have to leave." 

~ Jackson - student

"Little Red Wagon is the best preschool in Newton because when you are there you are loved."

~ Anya - LRW alum - Comment made at the age of 9 when she was picking up her sister from Little Red Wagon. 

From Parents: 


"Both my daughters have been at LRW and they both absolutely loved it. We moved to Newton from the UK and knew nobody at all. LRW made us feel so welcome and the people there are wonderful both parents and teachers. We have now moved to PA and I am struggling to find anything even half as good as LRW. I miss it sooooooo much. 
I love the child led play and the fact my two always came home with lots of projects they had made. They had so much fun there and the teachers truly love the children as do the children love them.  LRW is a special place that I will always have fond memories of."

~ Hannah


"I looked at 15 preschools and it was no contest - LRW was so very clearly the winner!! It's Reed, yes but the philosophy and the seamless execution of the philosophy is what we love so much. It is so so child centered and watching my son grow and learn there has been just amazing. I cannot recommend it highly enough!!"


"Another LRW lover here!!! We relocated from out of state and knew no one. My daughter was in the 4 year old program and it was SO important that she have a place that supported and nourished her development. She had really bad separation anxiety the entire year on/off in the 3 year old program at her old school. I was SO worried that she was going to have major separation issues given the cross country move but, to my surprise her first day was amazing, no tears, no issues....EVER...all year. The director, teachers and kids embraced her and she felt welcomed and loved. I am forever grateful to them. They are truly incredible!"

~ Michele

" My oldest is in her last year at the wagon. We are very upset we will have no reason to be there for an 18 month gap. I am ready to register my 11 month old to save his spot in 2 yrs. The faculty is caring and nurturing! I drop off and pickup every day and couldn't imagine my kids anywhere else."

~ Ben


"Another huge LRW fan here!  My youngest went to LRW for two years, and the atmosphere at the school is so nurturing, creative and happy. The curriculum is really special, and I found that it fostered lots of imagination and cooperative play for my son. He still spends time looking through his huge binders of LRW memories (the teachers put these together each year) and reminiscing. Truly can't say enough good things, and we still love seeing our LRW friends at every opportunity! "

 ~ Sara

"All 4 of our kids have gone through Little Red Wagon.... love love love Reed and the teachers. 
A few of my favorite things with LRW.... 1.) They are so creative with everything that they do. The children get to name their classrooms (this year, we are the Donut Farmers!), the teachers make every day things seem magical. 
2.) REED. The director is the most energetic and positive person I have ever met. If she finds a frown, she turns it upside down. She teaches kids to make the best of every situation (problem solving!) and her teachers do too! I kinda wish I could go to school there every day too:)
3.) have you ever heard the phrase 'it takes a village'? THIS is LRW. I am a working mom and Reed and her team work so hard to accommodate any of the needs of our family. They truly LOVE each of the children there and really feel so honored that we have selected them to care for our children... REALLY (I know it sounds cheesy)."

~ Caroline

"I just love LRW so damn much I have to share. Specifically, they LOVE your kid. Seriously. My 4.5 year old is in his second year there, and I'm counting down the days until my 2 year old can start. My older one started in 2015, slightly anxious, and he has blossomed into a very confident little dude, despite being introverted by nature. The community is clearly one big happy love-fest family. And the level of flexibility - be it meeting your child where he or she is at, to meeting a parent where she or he needs to be met - is unmatched. You will be nothing short of thrilled with LRW!"

~ Niki


" Our daughter is in her second year at LRW and we have loved the experience. LRW is an incredibly special place, where every child is really celebrated for their own unique personalities. It is a creative, caring, and loving environment."

~ Julie


"We ❤️LRW!!! I wish I had known about it for our son, it's been the most wonderful experience for our almost 4 year old."

~ Laura

"Little Red Wagon is hands down amazing! My now 8-year-old went there, and my 3-year-old started this past fall. How much do I love it there? Despite the numerous preschools immediately near Underwood School in Newton Corner where we live, I drive into Newton Highlands just so my 3-year-old can attend Little Red Wagon. The teachers and staff, lead by Reed Donahue, are nurturing, caring, and help your child achieve important milestones at his/her own pace. My older one still talks about her time there. I'm in freelance marketing part-time, and I love the flexible hours -- you can call that afternoon if a call or work obligation runs late. Finally, the school has a great little community of parents -- a nice mix of full-time, part-time, stay-at-home, etc. We've done a few "all school" playdates at various locations (like the Little Gym) on weekends. Your child will love it there!"

~ Kate

"Little Red Wagon all the way!!!! Reed Donahue is the nicest, most positive person I know. I remember frustration from having my Daughter number 2 in a daycare (before she was old enough for LRW), she had a really bad separation anxiety, and once we moved to LRW the problem was immediately taken care of and solved. My older daughter (now 9 yo) also went to LRW and every time we talk about the school, she says how much she was LOVED there. This is huge for me. BTW my 9yo still loves to go and visit her preschool on regular bases. It's not only preschool, it's a community! My best friends are LRW moms and the kids are still having playdates (5 years after graduating LRW). Highly recommend LRW! "

~ Adriana

"I am a huge LRW fan! My daughter went there and they really helped foster a love for learning, self confidence and respect for others. Outstanding school readiness. My son goes there now and despite a very different personality, he is developing the same values. Plus the teachers are fantastic and the flexible hours/options are better than most schools. We can't say enough wonderful things about LRW!"

~ Lael


"Another happy LRW customer here! I sent both kids there and could not have been happier with our experience.  In particular, things that stood out were the child-led, play-based curriculum, the loving and fun teachers who always had positive attitudes, Reed Von Gal Donahue is just awesome, kind, and supportive, the schedule is super flexible and family friendly, and we met great families there. The location often throws people off - it's kind of in a strip mall, but don't let that deter you. It's a special place."

~ Nanci


"Both of my girls went to Little Red. My first was there for 3 years, my second for 2. (The year difference was because of their birthdays.) We had an INCREDIBLE experience. My girls loved going to preschool, and my husband and I loved everything about it. The teachers are very skillful and loving, the kids get tons of outdoor time, and the school is very focused on child-directed play. We actually heard about it from a family friend who teaches preschool teachers, and she initially suggested it because she sends her teachers there to get trained. I really can't say enough about how great LRW is."

~ Carla



"It is hard to briefly summarize how much we have loved this school!  Little Red Wagon has been such an amazing place for my daughter to learn and grow.  The dedication of the teachers and director to children’s growth and development is clear in everything they do.  I am so glad we chose this school and am sorry we have to leave to start Kindergarten!  It is a great comfort to know that as she enters elementary school the foundations of her self-confidence, social identity and academic interests have been well set at Little Red Wagon."

~ Sera

"The teachers at Little Red Wagon are exceptional.  They are masters at student-centered learning and foster the kids' innate creativity and curiosity at every turn. We've learned so much from Little Red Wagon.  Not only my 3 children, but I myself, as an educator.  My kids blossomed at Little Red Wagon, and I couldn't be more grateful for the individualized care and support they received at this critical time in their development.  The teachers take such joy in the ideas and projects they come up with!  Every preschooler should be so lucky."


"I moved to the area from out-of-state just four months before school started for my oldest daughter. Wherever I went around town, I would ask moms, "Where are the good pre-schools?" The school that was consistently stated was Little Red Wagon. I called and talked to Gail. She invited my daughter, Emma, to spend the day to see if she would like it. We have loved the teachers and Gail and Reed every since. It has been the best experience for both Emma and now my second daughter, Ella. But not only for them, but for me as well. I have met some of my closest friends at Little Red Wagon. I am now one of the moms who answer Little Red Wagon to the question: 'Where are the good pre-schools?'"
~Amy E


"I chose LRW because of the child centered curriculum. My boys weren't interested in art projects that were teacher centered, this never happens at LRW, children are free to create and design beautiful projects on their own. Children are allowed to move freely between table stations as they choose. Also, the dynamic at the school between the teachers, directors and parents provides the best possible place for my children to spend their mornings. Oh sure, I would be remiss not to mention that the four hours school is in session is ideal for busy Mom's like myself, and throw in the flexible extended day program and it is absolutely the perfect fit. LRW is a warm and welcoming place, it feels good for everyone involved in the journey."


"After being part of the LRW family for two years we have been thrilled. My son has attended for two years, and each year the teachers and staff have been caring, warm, kind and nurturing. They make learning fun and provide a safe friendly environment for the kids to explore. I would recommend LRW to anyone looking for an enjoyable preschool experience."


"My experience has been wonderful with Little Red Wagon. My daughter Casey absolutely loved going to school each day and still raves about her teachers. Leaving Little Red Wagon for Kindergarten has been bittersweet as she is very excited about her next school adventure, but sad to leave a school she loves so much and has really enjoyed for the past two years. Luckily her little brother will be a student this year so she can visit! The curriculum is fabulous and my husband and I couldn't be happier with our experience!"


"We initially chose LRW because of the outstanding reputation of Gail and the school. What we received was far more than we ever could have expected. The staff at LRW consists of a highly caring group of individuals who, under the leadership of Gail and Reed, have never failed to amaze us with their level of expertise and dedication. Both of our children certainly had their share of developmental challenges. The staff at LRW treated each issue with unending warmth and kindness, creativity, flexibility, and professionalism. From diapers to kindergarten preparation, the LRW staff supported our family and guided our children through every stage of development. My only recommendation is to register early; spots go really quickly and you won't want to be disappointed!"
~Amy K


"Our daughter has truly thrived in her first year @ Little Red Wagon. She has connected with her teachers, made friends, and simply come to love school. The directors and teachers are incredibly thoughtful and responsive -- not just to the kids, but to the parents. In the beginning, we were as nervous as our three-year-old -- probably more so -- but we were put at ease by the staff from the first day. Little Red Wagon's teachers respond to the distinctive needs of each child and family. The directors and teachers have been consistently tolerant and accepting . . . They have encouraged & facilitated our daughter's progress and development in her own way, at her own pace, taking into account our family's preferences and comfort level. Little Red Wagon's warm and supportive environment has provided our daughter with a predictable and consistent structure so that she could comfortably and confidently approach new challenges. Our whole family has been delighted by her academic, physical and social progress @ Little Red Wagon this year."



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